Up-Coming Exhibition

BIVOUAC: Chinn + Tool

July 13, 7 – 9 PM (kamikaze, one night only)

PØST, 1904 East 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90021


Shopping Spree

Hayk Makhmuryan, Director of the Lamp Community Art Project and I went shopping for art supplies, which included a variety of canvases, brushes, pens, charcoals, papers, and paint at Dick Blick in Los Angeles, who generously provided a 30% discount.  With over $600 of the donation used, the remaining $300 will purchase a shelving unit with small containers that will help organize the studio for the dozens of artists who blossom there. The $900 donation was raised through the sale of paintings during my solo exhibition “Pandhandle” at Stone Rose Gallery.


Lamp Art Project Donation

Dick Blick in Los Angeles is providing a 30% discount on the $900 donation of materials and equipment to the Lamp Community Art Project. This generous discount will extend the donation and deepen its impact for the remarkable artists who rely on Lamp's Art Project for relief from life on the street and the opportunity for creative self-expression.



Lynn Shaw, Gallery Director of Chez Shaw Gallery, and I delivered over $500 in gift cards to the The Downtown Women's Center this afternoon.  The gift cards will be used by DWC to encourage and support the 119 residents and over 4300 women whom they serve each year.  It is never too late to donate or volunteer.  Please, follow the link to the DWC website to learn more about this invaluable organization in our community and the amazing women that they serve.


Funds Raised

Chinn's solo exhibition "Panhandle" at Stone Rose Gallery raised $900 for the Lamp Community Art Project.  The donation will be made in the form of needed equipment, materials and supplies.

The solo exhibition "Women without Shelter" at Chez Shaw Gallery raised approximately $500 in gift cards, generously donated by the audience, for The Downtown Women's Center.

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